Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Black Collection Participant: Graybow

GRAYBOW: Intertwines the wisdom of Africa with a contemporary message and modern expression in a unique life style brand that blends high fashion men’s/women’s wear with cutting edge iconic street wear elements. graybow designs are at times poetic, rebellious, and always charged with emotion rooted in our heritage.

The graybow client is an individual who seeks an exclusive means by which to show who they are through where they came from while looking forward and always on the pulse of the now. He/She looks within our collection to find pieces that connect their freedom of expression and individualism. The graybow client is:

Elegant but not traditional

Youthful but not immature

Timeless but not conventional

Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY and with reverence to his native home, GRAYBOW stems from Grebo, the tribe of our founder’s family in Liberia – West Africa. The spelling was changed to put our own interpretation on it and to make sure it’s said correctly. The crane represents longevity…what we strive 4…

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